Juan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Started playing guitar and percussion at a very young age. Studied harmony and composition with Sergio Morales and drums with Osvaldo Fattoruso and Oscar Giunta. Studied graphic and sound desing at the University of Palermo. Has collaborated with many artists and musicians as a drummer and music producer. In 2008 recorded a solo album called Cerca del Cereal (Near the Cereal) just for fun, and it ended up being liked by many colleagues and journalists who impulsed Juan to form a band and become a front man. He played and toured for about two years and then decided to move abroad and start new musical adventures in unknown territories.

Based in London since 2010, has played drums for several artists including Ultimate Painting, James Hoare, Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, Proper Ornaments, Pete Astor, Jack Cooper, Ramiro Nocelli, Yu Sato and more.

His new album Medir el Tiempo (Measure Time) is now available to stream and buy on all platforms. Soon to be released on vinyl record. Read more about Juan on wikipedia


Photo © Sofía Villanueva